January 9th 2019 Playlist


Ceschi, Factor and Taylor Jade dropped by the studio to talk about some new music! namely the new single from Ceschi and Factor’s upcoming trilogy of albums, Say No More, and the latest video single from Wisdom Teeth, which features Taylor Jade, “Lives an Ocean”

  1. Twenty Four Seven - Doomtree (Doomtree)

  2. Tiny Infinities - Busdriver (Electricity is on Our Side)

  3. Just the Goss - SFSM (Word of Mouth)

  4. One Shot Kill - Mestizo (Big Bad Death)

  5. Dinosaur Bones - Awards (Warm Computer)

  6. Let Down - Dem Atlas (Bad Actress)

  7. Say No More - Ceschi and Factor Chandelier (Sad Fat Luck)

  8. Lives an Ocean ft. Taylor Jade - Factor Chandelier (Wisdom Teeth)

  9. How the Pyramids are Built - Kay the Aquanaut & Maki (Earth Station 7)

  10. Zero Theorem - Bazooka Joe & Rob Crooks (Schadenfreude)

  11. The Gospel ft. Ceschi - Factor Chandelier (Wisdom Teeth)

  12. Microfiche - Open Mike Eagle (What Happens When I Try to Relax)

Chris Jarvis