January 23rd 2019 Playlist


Kay the Aquanaut stopped by to perform some new tracks from his latest album, Earth Station 7! Maki called in on the air from Kamloops BC and we had a great conversation about the new album, the inspiration behind the production, direction and collaboration of the project, as well as some allusions to some upcoming projects from the pair!

Be sure to grab the new album at the kay’s bandcamp:


or check out the hellola bandcamp to grab a physical copy of the limited edition, hand crafted tape:


  1. Chapter 9 - Serengeti (Kenny Dennis vs the Dark Web)

  2. I Lost my Mind & Found God - Rast (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings)

  3. Live Studio Performance - Kay the Aquanaut (Earth Station 7)

  4. Slippery Slope ft. Billy Woods, Open Mike Eagle, Breezely Brewin - Blockhead (Free Sweatpants)

  5. Posse Can’t be Bothered - Bazooka Joe & Rob Crooks (Schadenfreude)

  6. Suicide Big Gulp - Aesop Rock & Tobacoo (Malibu Ken)

  7. Say No More - Ceschi & Factor Chandelier (Sad Fat Luck)

  8. Roman Candles - The Alchemist (Bread EP)

  9. Anywhere - Anderson .Paak (Oxnard)

  10. Young Sagitarrius - Kay the Aquanaut & Factor (Letters from Laika)

  11. Space Yachts ft. Ghettosocks - Swamp Thing (Horse Power)

Chris Jarvis